Gemini AS-10BLU-LT 10" Active Bluetooth Speaker with QWM1900HS Wireless Headset Package

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● Package includes a Gemini AS-10BLU-LT speaker and the completely wireless QWM 1900HS headset microphone system!
● Unique 'Slim-line' Fitness Headset with built-in miniature Transmitter
● 1000W peak Class AB built-in amplifier
● Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you stream music wirelessly
● Brilliant LED light show
● Vibrant beat-synced full colour LED woofer light array
● Lightweight for easy transportation and set up

Fantastic value package which includes the powerful and funky Gemini AS-10BLU-LT speaker, along with the great value, completely wireless QWM 1900HS headset microphone system!

The AS-10BLU-LT improves your live setup in many aspects giving your performance a powerful sound and a brilliant LED light show eliminating the need for extra external lighting fixtures for small-to-medium sized events. The unit is lightweight for easy transportation and set up. It features a 1000 Watt amplifier pumping deep “roomy” bass and true linear sound reproduction. The effect that lighting has on a party turns the excitement up! The vibrant LED lights of the AS-10BLU-LT will keep your crowd entertained all night long. Combining exceptional sound quality with a stunning LED light array takes your event to the next level.

The QWM 1900HS completely Wireless Headset Microphone System features a 'slim-line' Fitness Headset with built-in miniature transmitter. This eliminates the need for a waistworn transmitter and therefore no cables dangling down your back to worry about... and it gets better... the Receiver that comes complete with this system is around the same size as a mobile phone and works by inserting a single AA battery!... this means that you don't even need to plug the Receiver into a mains socket via a mains power supply to make it work. In this case, simply plug the receiver directly into the Gemini speaker and away you go! This package is particular great for instructors that find it difficult to wear a normal bodypack transmitter around the waist. For example Powerhoop instructors using the hoop can't really wear a transmitter around their waist, and therefore this package negates that issue as the transmitter is built onto the headset.

Key features and Tech Spec...
- Vibrant beat-synced full colour LED woofer light array
- On/off LED array control
- Integrated MP3 player with connections for USB, SD, and Bluetooth
- Built-in FM radio with internal antenna
- High power active PA speaker
- 1000W peak Class AB built-in amplifier
- Impedance 4 ohms
- Piezo HF compression driver
- Linear frequency response between 40Hz-19kHz
- Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports
- ABS impact resistant nylon fibre cabinet
- 2 Input channels with separate gain control
- Mic and line XLR, 1/4”, 1/8”, and RCA inputs
- Mix Output
- High and Low equalization controls
- Clip LED Alert -
- Flyable and Stand mountable
- Weight: 6.3Kg

QWM 1900HS Mic System... Total Freedom!... Welcome to a truly wireless headset microphone system
- The all new completely Wireless Mic System!
- Future proofed UHF truly wireless system with portable multi-channel Receiver & inbuilt ACT
- Unique 'Slim-line' Fitness Headset with built-in miniature Transmitter
- No Cables, no Bodypack, no Worries!
- High quality 16 channel UHF System
- Ideal for Fitness Classes & particularly great for Yoga, Pilates and Zumba
- Uses future proof frequencies UHF 863.00 - 865.00MHz frequency band
- Ideal working distance is up to 30 metres

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