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Online Zoom Class – What’s the Best Set Up?

Opening up options

We’ve been speaking to hundreds of fitness professionals over the last few weeks about the best set up for online Zoom classes. We suggest the equipment below works best. The U-PAD Compact Mixer is key here.

Having a small mixer opens up options for you and gives you so much more control over the volume and tone of your voice, along with the music if you’re plugging your phone in to it too. If we break it down in to voice and music, it may be easier to understand…


You’ll need a headset microphone system which will plug in to the mixer. This is an essential part of a professional sounding set up. So, you wear the headset and bodypack as though it’s a regular class and plug your receiver box in to the mixer. If you don’t already have a headset mic system, we’ve included a link at the bottom of this article to the one we’d recommend.


You can either play your music directly through Zoom, using iTunes (or similar) or you can plug your phone in to the mixer, as shown on the image below.

It’s worth noting that by plugging your phone in to the mixer for the music, there could be less lagging during the class. This will be because Zoom isn’t trying to do two jobs and doesn’t need the extra internet strength to carry out both tasks (the two tasks being iTunes and Zoom at the same time).

If you do decide to use your phone for your music, you’ll then need to plug a speaker in to the ‘phones’ socket on the mixer, to play your music back to you in your room. This is because when you plug your phone in to the mixer, the sound is being sent directly through to your laptop, so you won’t hear your music.

We have some small low cost portable speakers, if you don’t already have one and if you do, we can advise you on the best cable to use for your speaker. Most are compatible with the cable shown in the image with 2 x red and white RCA plugs, but if your speaker doesn’t have these sockets, please get in touch and we can help you choose the right one.

Example online class system set up

Please see below products shown in the above image:

You only need the following products if you want to plug your phone in to the mixer to play your music:

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