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Sound Dynamics > LEXENT Mevagissey 10L Dehumidifier, Air Purifier

LEXENT Mevagissey 10L Dehumidifier, Air Purifier

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Designed and built specifically for the UK climate

Removes moisture to stop and prevent damp and condensation

Dry laundry quickly without damaging clothes and low energy cost

Automatically controls room humidity meaning less running cost

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Lexent Mevagissey 10L smart dehumidifier with humidistat, air purifier, quiet, laundry drying, 4 stage air purifications, prevents damp & condensation, dust magnet, cleans the air helping reduces allergens in the summer, effectively covers rooms up to 20m².

Maintain the ideal environment around your home throughout the year.

A dehumidifier removes the excess moisture that we create on a daily basis through activities such as running baths, showers, breathing, chatting, cooking and drying laundry. All of which could lead to condensation, damp and mould that can damage your home and health. A dehumidifier can help maintain a more constant level of humidity and alleviate these conditions.


Main features:

  • Quiet Dehumidification: Mevagissey 10L is designed and built specifically for the UK climate. Removes the optimal amount of moisture to stop and prevent damp and condensation problems.
  • 4 stage purification system: Changeable Silver ION / Anion / Catechin / Pre Dust filters help clean the air as we reduce moisture.
  • Powerful air flow: Our powerful system sucks in moist air and traps it, releasing warm dry air into your home.
  • Laundry drying: Dry laundry quickly without damaging clothes and low energy cost.
  • Smart dehumidification: It automatically controls room humidity in a comfortable range (40%-60%). Less running cost !!
  • Low energy consumption: 2p per hour to run
  • Permanent drain: A hose can be connected that bypasses the collection container and allows you to use an external drain.
  • 2 years warranty :UK based customer service support.
  • Refrigerant R-290: has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and very low global warming potential (GWP)



  • Dehumidification Capacity 10 litre / 24hr
  • Ozone Friendly Refrigerant R290
  • Automatic Operation
  • Continuous Drainage
  • 39 dB ultra-low noise
  • Set Humidity Range between 40%, 50% and 60 %
  • Auto-Restart after power failure
  • 5W Standby
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Easy to remove filter & grille for cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Power Supply: 220~240V/50Hz (3 pin UK plug)
  • Power Input: 180W
  • Rated Current: 1.5A
  • Air Flow Volume: 95 m3/h
  • Water Tank Volume (litre) 1.8
  • Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 39
  • Dimension: 352x490x240mm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg



  • Compressor with built-in overload protector
  • Water full protection with liquid level magnetic switch
  • Corrosion resistant internal pipework
  • Fire-resistant cover for the compressor
  • Dust-proof and damp-proof protective box for display panel

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Weight 13.5 kg


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