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Sound Dynamics > Fitness Audio U-Series UHF 16 Channel Mic System with AEROMIC Headset

Fitness Audio U-Series UHF 16 Channel Mic System with AEROMIC Headset

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● Specifically designed for high intensity fitness classes!
● High quality 16 channel UHF system with an exclusive sweat protected design
● Simplified clean design takes a beating and keeps on delivering

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Do you want performance, quality, and reliability in your wireless headset microphone system? Then make the Fitness Audio Wireless Aeromic Headset a part of your group fitness sound system and stop worrying about your mic system.
The Fitness Audio wireless system is the only wireless system built from the ground up for you, the group fitness instructor. You’re going to sweat. You know it. We know it. That’s why we built this system just for you. It is the only system that features a sweat resistant coating on the body pack transmitter. It keeps on working even when it’s just pouring sweat out there.
With 16 user selectable UHF channels, you never have to worry about interference. Need multiple systems in your club. No problem. Simply turn a switch to select different frequencies on each system and your ready to go. The transmitter goes easy on your batteries too. Low power consumption gives you long life from your 9-volt batteries. An optional rack mount antenna kit is available too. The system comes with the Aeromic headset, the only headset mic designed just for group fitness. Aeromic is the most reliable group fitness and aerobics mic available with its world famous, sweat resistant construction. The Aeromic looks good with its unique miniature mic capsule that produces excellent sound quality, making good voice projection easier.
Four years of research and development including extensive prototype testing by leading fitness instructors has resulted in a mic system that is the pinnacle of sweat resistant technology. Thanks to rugged cables and plug connections, it stands up to the hardest work load you can throw at it – 7 classes a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can have a mic system that will work just as hard as you do. Stop struggling with your headset mic system. Teach your classes the way you want to. Buy the Fitness Audio UHF Wireless Aeromic System today!.

Key Features…
– Recommended for up to seven classes per day
– User selectable 16-channel true diversity wireless system means you’ll never have interference
– Sweat resistant coated circuit board in the body pack transmitter handles all the moisture you can throw at it
– Durable Switchcraft connector locks in tight and will not corrode like other plugs
– Sweat proofing around the connector keeps it working when it’s just pouring out there
– Comes with the Aeromic headset, the world’s only sweat resistant group fitness headset mic

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