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Sound Dynamics > Economy RG6 75 Ohms Air Spaced Coaxial Cable – Aluminium Braid

Economy RG6 75 Ohms Air Spaced Coaxial Cable – Aluminium Braid

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Eco RG6 Air Spaced PE Coaxial Cable with Aluminum Braid – 100m White

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75 Ohms RG6 coaxial cable constructed of solid copper clad steel conductor, air spaced polyethylene dielectric, aluminium foil screen, aluminium braid and PVC sheath. The overall screen and braid significantly reduce noise penetration to the conductor making it suitable for digital, satellite and cable TV signal transmission.


Solid CCS conductor
Air spaced PE dielectric
Binded aluminium screen
Aluminium braid
Supplied in 100m reel with metric cut markers

Technical Specifications

Conductor diameter[tab]1mmØ
Dielectric[tab]4.6mmØ air spaced PE
Screen[tab]Aluminium / PET foil
Braid[tab]48 x 0.12mmØ
Cable : diameter[tab]6.6mmØ
Impedance[tab]75 Ohms
Velocity factor[tab]83%
Return loss 5-400MHz[tab]24dB min./100m
Return loss 450-1000MHz[tab]20dB min./100m
Return loss 1000-2150MHz[tab]16dB min./100m
Attenuation @ 5MHz[tab]2.9 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 50MHz[tab]5.2 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 100MHz[tab]6.9 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 200MHz[tab]10.2 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 400MHz[tab]14.9 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 860MHz[tab]20.3 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 1000MHz[tab]22.5 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 1750MHz[tab]29.8 dB max./100m
Attenuation @ 2150MHz[tab]33.6 dB max./100m
Conductor material[tab]Solid CCS
Braid material[tab]Aluminium




280 x 280 x 80mm

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