Aeromic Deluxe Fitness Microphone Pouch Belt - Black Leopard

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● NEW Aeromic Limited Edition Deluxe Pouch Belt
● One size fits most
● Specifically designed to give you maximum comfort, performance
● Vertical Pouch


Aeromic Fitness Mic Pouch Belt - Black Leopard...
Designed to hold your body pack transmitter from all the major wireless brands like Trantec, Shure, AKG, Mipro, Chiayo, Black & Orange, Fitness Audio, Sennheiser, JTS and others in style! It also holds different types of smartphones, iPhones or iPods if you listen to music while you walk, run or ride.
PouchBelts feature an adjustable buckle for waist sizes up to 101cm with a standard vertical pouch.

Aeromic Pouch Belts has been specifically designed to give you maximum comfort, performance, and life from your wireless system. A tough neoprene construction gives the belt long lasting, washable durability with no flaps, no Velcro, and no studs. More importantly, the transmitter is held vertically reducing any 'tug on the plug', extending the life of all connections and the system itself.

Made of neoprene - Hand Washable (sparkle and colours may fade over time - please use care)

- Used daily by over 50,000 instructors worldwide
- Superior neoprene construction
- As used at Aerobic Conventions everywhere
- Light weight and comfortable
- Adjusts to fit everyone
- Helps protect against transmitter damage
- Stitched piping all the way round the belt ensures long lasting durability

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