DM11S Dynamic Handheld Microphone - Silver

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● High quality dynamic handheld microphone with durable plastic body
● Supplied with XLRF - 6.3 mm Microphone Lead
● Perfect for recording vocals and general PA or recording applications
● Great value for money hand-held cable microphone

DM11S Dynamic Handheld Microphone - Silver...
Handheld dynamic microphone with a durable plastic body and steel mesh windshield. Suitable for vocals and general PA or recording applications.

Key Features & Tech Spec...
- Unidirectional response
- On/Off slide switch
- Supplied with XLRF to 6.3mm jack lead
- Frequency response: 80Hz-14kHz
- Polar pattern: Cardioid
- Sensitivity: -68dB (±3dB)
- Impedance: 600 Ohms (±30%)
- Connection: XLRM
- Connection cable: XLRF, 6.3mm mono jack
- Lead length: 3.0m
- Dimensions: 170 x 50mmØ
- Weight: 180g

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