Advanced Metal Detector with LCD Display

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● Large, easy-to-read LCD display shows detection results by type as well as a low battery indicator
● Waterproof search coil can detect metallic objects that are buried up to 18cm deep
● Dual operation modes let you scan for all metal with motion operation, or pinpoint precise targets with non-motion operation
● 3.5mm socket for headphone connection
● Brilliant gift for any occasion


An easy to use metal detector ideal for beginners or well practiced treasure seekers this device comes with a large LCD display, dual operating modes and 3 modes of sensitivity. 3 audible tones for iron, mid range or silver can be heard via the inbuilt speaker or connecting headphones to the 3.5mm jack. The unit has a maximum sensitivity depth of up to 18cm and requires 6x AA batteries. It has 3 modes of sensitivity and audible tones for iron, mid range and silver detection. This metal detector has a telescopic stem that can be adjusted to fit your personal preference and in-built speaker with 3.5mm audio jack (not supplied).

Key Features...
- Coil Diameter: 20cm
- Sensitivity: 18cm (max depth)
- Batteries: 6 x AA (not supplied)
- Max. height: 121cm (fully extended)
- Weight: 900g (without batteries

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