Wharfedale Typhon-AX12-BT 720w Powered Speaker with Bluetooth

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● Fantastic for fitness instructors, Clubbercise, Zumba, health and leisure clubs
● A HUGE 720w RMS of power and quality! Max Power 1440w and only 16.2kg in weight!
● Features High quality aptX Bluetooth connectivity
● All new internal amplifiers which deliver over 140% more power than Titan-AX12!
● STEREO LINK mode allows two Typhon-AX12-BT's to communicate with each other to create a stereo pair

Please Note: Due to the popularity of this new speaker, we have now formulated a waiting list. We have a limited number of Typhons on our first batch arriving into stock around the end of May. Customers are encouraged to place their order to ensure there's no further delays.

Typhon-AX12-BT... (TYPHON - Pronounced - “TYF—ON”)
In ancient mythology, Typhon was a giant who brought fear to his enemies. From a similar era to the Titans, it is said that the God Typhon had the power to create and control massive wind tornadoes in his battles. Mythology also often refers to him as being invincible.
Power, control and “invincibility” are all features which the new Typhon active loudspeakers have been designed around. Two new models are available. Typhon-AX12 - a 12” 2-way 720w Continuous active loudspeaker and an aptX Bluetooth enabled brother - the Typhon-AX12-BT. The all new internal amplifiers deliver over 140% more power than Titan-AX12.

The Typhon-AX12-BT features aptX Bluetooth input connectivity and stereo linking which makes setup with mobile devices simple and cable free. Simply pair your Bluetooth audio source (such as a smart phone or laptop) with the Typhon-AX12-BT and thats it! High quality aptX streaming makes connection easy.
The Typhon-AX12-BT also features a STEREO LINK mode. This allows two Typhon-AX12-BT's to communicate with each other to create a stereo pair.

New internal DSP algorithms generate a sound stage which surpasses the dimensions of the cabinet...
FLAT: The Flat mode is ‘the truth’. This mode is ideal for when connecting guitar effects processors directly to a Typhon-AX12. Full Range, Flat Response. Simply YOUR sound.
MONITOR: This mode rolls off low frequencies which are not needed when Typhon-AX12 is on the floor. High frequencies are also attenuated to reduce risk of feedback.
BASS: By pushing the bass frequencies, this mode is ideal when Typhon-AX12 is being used at lower volumes. It delivers a more powerful sound without having to turn the volume up.
PUNCH: A ‘crisp’ and ‘tight’ DSP mode which gives the impression of power and tightness. Use this when you really need to cut through.

The two separate Class D power amps (600w continuous for the LF and 120w continuous for the HF) deliver huge output power while keeping the overall weight to minimum. Bi-amplification means that each amplifier is perfectly matched to the driver it is connected to. This leads to more defined sound quality with crisper highs and more impressive lows. The efficiency of the amplifier stages means that Typhon uses convection cooling and has no need for an internal fan. This results in a more reliable product with quieter operation.

Custom Wharfedale Pro transducers have been selected for Typhon. The custom compression driver features a large 1.75” voice coil. This is coupled to a 100° x 80° waveguide for smooth HF dispersion. The custom Wharfedale Pro 12” LF transducer has a newly designed ferrite core, uses flat coil windings to aid cooling, and features a moisture rejecting cone material which allows Typhon to be used in damp or humid conditions.

Hardware... A completely new polypropylene cabinet design with a full frontal steel grille houses the most advanced active loudspeaker ever created by Wharfedale Pro. This injection moulded cabinet is carefully engineered to feature 5 carry handles making transportation easy and well balanced. For on stage or for fixed installation, the carefully designed hardware of Typhon makes setup and positioning easy and effective. Need to wall mount or fly? With 9 x M8 rigging points and a 35mm pole socket compatible with the WPB-2 bracket, Typhon fits almost anywhere.

The perfect monitor angle...
Often active loudspeakers are used as floor monitors. However, at the design stage, is can lead to a cabinet design compromises. To overcome this 'compromise' Typhon is supplied with a special wedge angle adaptor. This 'wedge' gives you the perfect angle for using onstage as a floor monitor, but has not compromised the fundamental shape and design of the Typhon cabinet.

Rear panel technologies...
The rear panel hosts all the controls and connections needed, XLR inputs, balanced jack inputs and even a balanced XLR Link output. Sturdy switches control the powerful internal DSP and front HF driver LED.

Key Features...
- 720w Continuous
- 1440w Peak
- 4-Position internal DSP
- Custom Wharfedale Pro drivers
- aptX Bluetooth connectivity
- Two Class D amplifiers
- 1.75" HF voice coil
- Multiple handles
- Multiple rigging points
- Stereo Link mode

Tech Spec...
- Model Name: Typhon-AX12-BT
- System type: Active 12" 2-way with Bluetooth
- Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 55Hz-20kHz
- Frequency Range (-10 dB): 50Hz-20kHz
- Maximum SPL @ 1m: 129dB
- Sensitivity @ 1W / 1m: 98dB

Low Frequency Transducer...
- Size (mm / inches): 305mm / 12"
- Voice Coil Size (mm / inches): 65mm / 2.5”
- Rated Impedance: 4Ω

High Frequency Transducer...
- HF Driver Type: Compression Driver
- Coil Size (mm / inches) 44mm/1.75"
- Exit Size (mm / inches): 25mm/1"
- Diaphragm Material: Titanium
- Rated Impedance: 8Ω
- Nominal Coverage (H x V): Hybrid Symmetry Horn 100° x 80°

- Amplifier design: 2 x Class D
- Power rating: 1440W Peak (1200W LF + 240W HF), 720W Continuous (600W LF + 120W HF)

- Input - A: balanced
- Input sensitivity: 775mV (0dBu)
- Input connectors A/B: 2*XLR, 2*6.3mm jack
- Input impedance: 20KΩ
- Line output: Balanced XLR
- Loop gain: 0dB
- AC Power: 220~240VAC/100~120VAC 50/60Hz
- Rigging: 9 x M8 threaded inserts, 35mm pole socket with lock screw, 5 x carry handles, Optional WPB-2 wall-mount bracket

Enclosure... - Injection moulded polypropylene
- Grille material & finish
- Full front - steel

Dimensions (Unpacked (mm / inches))…
- Height: 558mm / 22.0"
- Width front: 344mm / 13.6"
- Width rear: 245mm / 9.6"
- Depth: 340mm / 13.4"
- Net Weight: 16.2kg / 35.64lbs

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