2 x SD UV-Bar & 2 Moonglow Lighting Package

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● Special bulk buy package - 2 x UV Bar & 2 Moonglow Lighting Package
● QTX UV Bar - Top selling portable UV Light
● Amazing value rotating disco lights - the perfect disco light

Save money on lighting when buying a package!
We've put together these lighting packages to help you see what we believe will work best for you in your fitness classes.
This package includes 2 x UV bars (dark light / black light), so wear plenty of neon and have the room as dark as possible. It's small, portable and very easy to use. The Moonglow lights are a classic rotating disc effect, made even better with modern LED technology which produces multiple crisp, bright Tri-colour beams from 6 x 1w LEDs in red, blue, green, yellow, pink & white.
The combination of the 2 x Moonglow lights and 2 x UV bars will give you the perfect package for any fitness / dance class or party!

Key features...
SD UV Bar:
- Light source: 9 x 3w UV LEDs
- Power supply: 220-240V / 50/60Hz
- Power consumption: 30w
- Metal chassis and mounting brackets
- Dimensions: 468 x 50 x 50mm (not inc bracket)
- Weight: 1Kg
Moonglow Lights:
- 2 x cost effective rotating disco effects
- Produces multiple crisp, bright Tri-colour beams from 6 x 1w LEDs
- No fan due to cool running
- Sound control via built-in microphone
- Number of LEDs: 6 x 1w
- Max ambient temperature: 45C
- Max housing temperature: 50C
- Power supply: 90-250V AC, 50Hz-60Hz
- Fuse: F1A, 250V
- Power consumption: 20w
- Current: 0.28A
- Dimensions (WxHxD): 170 x 140 x 175mm
- Weight: 0.9Kgs per Moonglow

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