Alto TS218S Padded Slip on Cover

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● Padded lining adds a layer of protection around speaker
● Durable construction, made to withstand constant use
● Easy slip-on design: cover and uncover in seconds
● Openings on each side allow access to speaker's handles
● Bottom strap keeps the cover in place when transported horizontally


Protect Your Truesonic Sub With a Durable, Padded Cover.
Defend your TRUESONIC TS218S against the inevitable bumps, scratches and dents that come from constant transport. This durable, padded sub cover is tailored specifically for the TS218S. It slips on easily and thanks to the bottom strap, stays in place regarless of orientation, making it ready to endure the tortures of travel. Cutouts on each side give you easy access to the handles, so it's not only protected, but also easy to carry.

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