BoomBlaster B75 Portable CD System with Lightning Dock & Bluetooth

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● Powered Woofer CD System
● Featuring Twin Super Woofers with Powerful Bass
● Bluetooth wireless technology
● CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA Playable
● Audio input for iPods, Phones, iPads, Laptops or pretty much anything else
● Extra option - Keep your Blaster dry, clean and scratch free by adding the Blaster Protective Carry Bag to this product!

Powered Woofer CD System featuring Twin Super Woofer for powerful bass sound and lightning dock for iPod(R)/iPhone(R), Bluetooth(R), FM tuner and USB host.
Ideal for 'mains-free' indoor or outdoor use when used with the rechargeable power station (see options list below).
A high quality shower/splash resistant cover to keep your Boomblaster dry, clean and dust free is also available. Also protects the Blaster from bumps and scratches (product code IS0108).

Key Features...
- Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology and original application** for Android(TM)
- Lightning dock compatible with iPhone5 and Twist Auto Lock Door
- Audio input for iPods, Phones, iPads, Laptops or pretty much anything else
- USB Host
- Twin Superwoofers with Level Control
- 4-Amp Configuration
- Remote Control
- Shoulder strap
- Works with Batteries
- 40W Total Power
- Plays CD, CD-R/RW, USB (MP3/WMA)
- FM Tuner with 30 Presets
- 8cm Full-Range Speakers and 13cm Superwoofers
- MP3/WMA Playback
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 248 x 666 x 235mm
- Weight: 7kg

Please Note: This system is excellent for the music side of things but it doesn't have a microphone input to allow your voice to come through its speakers. Please see the Speakezee PA System for voice amplification (Product code IS0121).

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