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A busy year of spinning

Installations team

Our Sound Installations team have been busy this year, kitting out some of the top health club chains with new equipment in their Spin Studios and Gyms. The systems we install for spin studios have different requirements than a regular studio. We can install the sound systems in such a way that the instructor can stay on the bike, meaning they can stay in the zone and focus on teaching their class.

Spin class installation

We can also offer solutions where the spin classes take place within the main gym area. In this case, we would recommend the class members each wear their own set of headphones, meaning they can fully concentrate on what the instructor is telling them, whilst being able to listen to the music for the class, and not be distracted by other gym members carrying out their own workout.


If you’re thinking of adding a spin studio to your organisation or would like to upgrade the current sound system you have, please get in touch with our Installation team, who will discuss what your specific needs are and offer you the best solution for the job at the right price.

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