ADJ Airstream IR

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● The Next Generation of Lighting Control
● Airstream IR is an IR adapter
● control a variety of ADJ lighting
● Easy Control of fixtures

The Next Generation of Lighting Control. Airstream IR is an IR adapter that plugs into the phone output of any iPad/iPhone (sold separately) to control a variety of ADJ lighting fixtures. Sold in a set of 4 adapters.Requires Airstream IR app (free download in the Apple App store). Compatible with iOS devices (iPad & iPhone, not included).

Key features & Tech Spec...
- Set of 4 IR adapters for iOS devices
- Easy Control of fixtures
- Wireless infrared signal! (No Cables!)
- Download the Airstream IR App for free in the Apple App Store
- When using the App and IR adapter, make sure headphone volume is turned all the way up.
- Also, make sure to deactivate the EU volume limitation which is standard set to ON.
- Please switch this OFF (Settings>Music>Volume Limit>EU Volume Limit>OFF=
- iPhone or iPad sold separately

iPhone (Europe Version) up to 2 Meter
iPad (Europe Version) up to 5 Meter
- Sound Active
- Black Out (Stand by)
- Full On
- Fade / GOBO / Pattern
- Dimmer
- Strobe
- Color Change
- Show Selection
- Speed
- Auto Fast/Slow
- R/G/B
- Random
Currently compatible with:
Chameleon QBar plus,Dual Gem Pulse IR,Encore Profile 1000 RGBW,Encore Profile 1000 WW,Gobo Projector IR,H2O IR,H2O DMX IR,Ikon IR,Ikon Profile
Inno Pocket Beam Q4,Inno Pocket Fusion,Inno Pocket Roll,Inno Pocket Scan,Inno Pocket Spot,Inno Pocket Spot Pearl,Inno Pocket Spot Twins
Inno Pocket Wash,Inno Pocket Z4,Jellyfish IR,KAOS,Micro Galaxian II,Micro Gobo II,Monster Duo,Monster Fun,Monster Quad,ON-X,PAR Z4
PinPoint Gobo,Pinpoint Gobo Color,Pinspot LED QUAD DMX,Quad Phase HP,Revo 4 IR,Ricochet,RotoBeam 4,Super Spot LED,VF Snow Flurry HO
Warlock,XS 200,XS 400,XS 600,Zipper

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