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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I reduce feedback?

Got a squealing microphone? There’s a few techy reasons why this is happening. Feedback occurs when the microphone is either too close to the speaker, in front of the speaker or if the volumes are turned up too high.

To help avoid feedback, place your speaker(s) to the side of the stage/area you’re presenting and far enough in front of you so that you can see the back of the speaker from where you’re positioned. This way, when you go towards the speaker with the microphone, you’re behind it rather than in front of it. If you’d like further help, please email our support team for a guide on how to position your equipment.

Can I plug my headset mic into health club systems?

If you have your own mic system and wanted to use it in health clubs, you can, providing the sound system they have has a mic input. Now if you want to use just our own headset, that’s a bit different. You’d need the bodypack of the clubs mic system to have the right socket for your headset plug to fit.

If you’re unsure, please email us the make and model of the bodypack you’d like to connect a headset to and we’ll advise you on what to go for. Our onsite workshop can fit any plug to any headset.

Why is my headset mic crackling?

If your mic’s crackling, it’s almost always a fractured cable, usually due to general wear and tear. In the majority of cases, it happens down where the plug is. That’s where the most movement is and also where sweat will end up, eventually making its way in and corroding the cable. Please give your headsets a good wipe down after each class to help prevent this from happening.

How long should my batteries last in a bodypack?

This depends solely on the amount of power in the battery. It’s an ongoing talking point because it’s not always the well known brands which last. Sometimes the cheaper ones have more power in them and last longer. Without a battery tester, it’s impossible to know how much power a battery has inside it and therefore, how long the bodypack would work. Even when they’re new from the packet, they don’t always have full power. We’ve seen it over and over again.

If batteries have been sat in a warehouse for years before making it to your house, they may not be the powerful batteries you think they are. If you’re a fitness instructor and you need a headset mic for teaching, we’d highly recommend investing in a small portable battery tester to make sure you know you have enough power to get through the next class.

Why pay more for a headset mic?

Headset microphones range from low cost, budget styles at £20 and go right up to super high quality ones at £300. If you’re using the headset for presenting and there is little movement during use, then a budget headset may suffice. In most cases though, we’d recommend investing in a better quality headset mic to ensure it does the job you need it to for longer.

The more you pay, the higher quality the headset will be. You’ll get a stronger, more robust design and sweat resistant features. Within a fitness environment, there’s a lot of moisture for a microphone to cope with. The more you pay, the more up to the task it will be.

Should I go for a rechargeable system or a mains only one?

If you’re planning on using your system outside or somewhere that has no mains electric, then you would need to go for a rechargeable system with an internal battery. If you have access to mains, then we’d recommend choosing a mains only system because they’re generally more powerful. It really depends on where you plan on using your system and how loud you need it to be.

What’s the difference between UV (dark light) and regular light effects?

UV light is Ultra Violet light which when switched on, glows neon colours up in the dark. For UV lights to work successfully, glowing face-paint, clothing, shoelaces etc. up, then the room needs to be dark, otherwise light will dilute the UV rays.

Lighting effects which are not specifically UV do not glow you up in the dark. They create effects on walls and ceilings, depending on the type of light. So, UV light glows you up in the dark, while all other lights create effects around the room.

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