Xcise Pro Fitness Headset - T4 4 Pin Shure / Line 6 / Fitness Audio Plug

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● Comfortable, high quality Xcise Pro Fitness Headset
● Sweat resistant with extra strengthened cable and connector
● Flexible, bendable headband
● Long life Kevlar reinforced cable
● Noise cancelling design, plus added sweat guard above the microphone
● High quality protective case included
● One of the only truly specialised Fitness Headsets available in the world!

The fantastic brand new Xcise Pro Fitness Headset... a 'proper' Fitness Headset truly designed specifically for the Health and Fitness Industry!
This unique Headset features a noise cancelling design which helps reduce feed-back squeal and howl, ensuring that it produces an excellent quality of sound. It has a sleek rubberised finish with an adjustable support band, making it robust and durable whilst at the same time very comfortable to wear.
The specialised Sound Dynamics touch... it includes an extra strengthened Kevlar reinforced sweat resistant cable and connector along with a sweat resistant flexible shielding to the cable and connector plug. Our new rubberised coating and extra strong cable resists perspiration and its flexible design ensures a comfortable, adjustable fit. It now also has a sweat guard fitted just above the actual mouthpiece to help resist sweat clogging up the microphone.
For those of you that want a durable sweat resistant Fitness Headset, then this has got to be the one for you.

Key Features...
- Specially designed Xcise Pro Sweat Resistant Fitness Headset
- Extra strengthened Kevlar reinforced sweat resistant cable and connector
- Features a noise cancelling microphone capsule
- Added sweat guard above the microphone
- Microphone foam windshield fitted to protect against breathing noise and stops sweat entering the mouth-piece
- One of the only Headsets in the world made specifically for the Health and Fitness Industry

Tech Spec...
- Polar Pattern: Uni-Directional
- Impedance: 600ohm+30% (at 1KHz)
- Operating Voltage: 1V - 10V DC
- Sensitivity: -62+3dB (0dB=1V/microbar)
- Output Connector: Trantec/Sennheiser style TRS 3.5mm jack with screw top
- Cable Length: 1.2m
- Cable Type: High quality Kevlar reinforced

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