ATS-12HT 16 Channel Tour Guide Wireless Hand-Held Mic

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● The perfect system for Tour Guides & a wide variety of other speech & music applications
● Transmit your voice to a multitude of Receivers wearing an Earpiece or Headphones
● Excellent value for money accessory

An excellent value for money System suitable for tour guide use and for any other application in which a certain voice and music source is to be distributed to one or more Receivers.
This little unit is the Hand-Held Wireless Microphone Transmitter which allows you to simply speak into the Mic and transmit your voice to the selected Frequency Channel you have chosen.
You can transmit to a multitude of receivers wearing an Earpiece or Headphones at the same time, making it the perfect system for Tour Guides, Equestrian use and a wide variety of other applications.

Due to the small frequency spacing in this free frequency range, a simultaneous operation of not more than two transmitters is recommended (Licence-free in the EU).

Key features...
- Dynamic microphone cartridge, cardioid characteristic
- 16 selectable channels
- Features pilot tone and is thus also suitable for the operation with ATS-16R
- Status indication of rech. battery
- Pilot tone
- Mute Function
- push-to-talk function
- LCD for indicating channel and battery status
- Operating positions: ON/OFF
- Matching the 16-channel mono PLL audio transmission system of the ATS-10 series and ATS-16R
- Power supply via 2 x 1.2V NiMH rech. battery AA size (not supplied)
- Transmitting power: 10mW (EIRP)
- Operating range: approx. 50m
- Dimensions: 35mm x 200mm
- Weight: 230g

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