250 watt Sound Dynamics 1u Super Slim-Line Mixer Amplifier

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● Super Slim-Line 250 watt Mixer Amplifier
● Two mic channels and three line level channels, both with separate EQ
● Specifically designed to be easy to use
● A great quality british built commercial product
● Ideal for Fitness Classes, Dance Clubs, Sports Centres, Cafes, Reception areas and pubs
● Inputs for iPods, MP3, CD, Laptops or pretty much anything else

The idea behind our Sound Dynamics Mixer Amplifier range is to ensure high quality sound with a user friendly robust design. We understand instructors don't need hundreds of volume controls, power amps, mixers and graphic equilizers, so we developed a sleek unit that does all of that but without the fuss and confussion. Fitness instructors want to walk in, pop their headset on, play their music and get teaching. With simple voice and music controls this range is designed specifically for the health and leisure industry! This compact 1U Mixer Amplifier has been designed for applications that require up to three mics and three stereo line inputs with voice override options. Ideal as a Background Music Amplifier and perfect for Aerobic Systems in Health Clubs, Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres. These Mixer Amplifiers can also be connected to a DVD/CD/CDG/MP3 player. The potential of this amplifier is impressive.

Key Features...
- Two mic channels and three line level channels, both with separate EQ
- Mic inputs, bal or unbalanced, rear mounted on 6.35mm jack sockets
- Mic 1 input also accessible via a front panel balanced combi XLR / jack socket
- Volume 1-3, bass, treble and PPI indicators on mic channel
- Externally adjustable priority override level (VOX) with vox active led indicator, operates with any mic to reduce the music level automatically when selected
- Three line level volume controls with separate bass and treble
- Overall master volume control
- Ten segment led VU power output display with peak hold feature
- Active clip limiter (internally configurable off to max)
- Aux 1-3 input connections and slave out on twin phono sockets
- Fan cooled with proportional speed fan
- Speakers on 6.35mm jacks rear mounted

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