250w Instructor Sound System with Denon vari-speed CD, Speakers, Bluetooth & sweat resistant Headset Mic

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● Specifically designed high quality fitness and leisure sound system
● Powerful 250 watt (max power 500w fitness style amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity
● Built in mixing allowing full control over both voice and music
● New slim-line design - Sleek, Strong and very Reliable!
● In-built radio microphone receiver with fitness headset and bodypack
● Supplied with high quality professional loudspeakers
● Built in Denon Pro Vari-Speed CD player
● Inputs for iPod, iPad, Phone, MP3, Laptop and extra microphones and microphone systems!
● Supplied complete with all connecting cables


First introduced over 30 years ago, the INSTRUCTOR SYSTEM™ is one of the most widely used and best respected fitness sound systems available. This new 'Slim-Line' version comprises of a high quality Denon vari-speed CD player and a built-in 250w (500w max power) mixer amplifier with separate voice and music volume controls giving you complete control over both. The package also includes an in-built radio microphone receiver, bodypack transmitter and a fitness style headset, all built into a sleek protective casing with Bluetooth connectivity. Fitted with small impact resistant corners and a carry handle, this system can be either carried from studio to studio, mounted on a shelf or placed on a stand. A pair of high quality professional loudspeakers along with a pair of heavy duty speaker leads complete this fantastic Sound System Package.
The INSTRUCTOR SYSTEM™ is specifically designed for fitness, leisure and dance and has a very well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability. We even had it trademarked 25 years ago due to other companies trying to copy it!
These systems also have inputs for iPod, tablets, Phones, MP3, Laptops, extra microphones and pretty much anything else!

Key Features and Tech Spec...

Inbuilt Mixer Amplifier...
- Super Slim-Line 250w rms (max power 500w) Class D Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth
- Two mic channels and three line level channels, both with separate EQ
- 3 x Music inputs for iPod, MP3 CD, Laptop or pretty anything else (Phono)
- Volume controls for each channel along with treble and bass
- Vented cooling fans for optimum cooling
- Overall Master Volume control
- Line out, rear mounted, twin phono sockets for attaching to another amplifer

Inbuilt Denon Vari-Speed CD Player...
- High quality CD player designed with the health and leisure industry in mind
- Professional quality, designed for heavy use - Up to 99 tracks of program play
- Pitch control (vari-speed) and MP3 playback capabilities
- CD, CD-R, CD-RW playback compatibility
- Instant start... very useful in Fitness and Dance Classes
- Direct track select buttons
- CD-Text and Auto cue

Inbuilt Wireless Microphone System...
- Easy to use, great quality and low maintenance
- Built-in receiver ensures there's no extra cables to worry about
- Radio microphone 16 channel receiver
- Body pack transmitter and fitness style, sweat-resistant headset
- All connecting leads supplied, inbuilt and fully tested ready to use

- Pair of excellent quality pro 12" loudspeakers
- Unrivalled value for money
- Comfortably ergonomic handles, for ease of carrying
- Aluminium speaker chassis to keep them lightweight
- Aluminium drivers and titanium compression driver diaphragms
- Fantastic for crystal clear vocals and high volume music
- Top-Hat fitted for wall mounting or placing on speaker stands

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