Urban Fitness Microphone System Carry Bag

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● The worlds first specifically manufactured Fitness Microphone Carry Bag
● Revolutionary design allowing Instructors to actually wear the Bag on their back!
● No more struggling into your Fitness Classes with your hands full of kit!
● An excellent trendy product with a great funky design!
● At last a cool Mic Carry Bag that actually suits the Fitness Industries requirements!


After years of watching Fitness Instructors spend money on Headset Microphone Systems, only to then carry them around in a shoe box or even a plastic carry bag... Urban Fitness and Sound Dynamics thought enough was enough!
This revolutionary hard-wearing design is the worlds first and only dedicated Carry Bag manufactured specifically for all you Fitness and Dance Instructors.
Unlike the boring plastic briefcases or harsh steel cases, this flexible Fitness Carry Bag has a trendy design that suits the industry that it's made for.
The inner pockets hold and protect your Headset, Body-pack and Receiver Box, whilst the breathable netted internal design ensures your Mic System cools down after a sweaty class. What's more this fantastic funky Carry Bag is actually wearable... simply place over your head and comfortably wear 'satchel style' on your back, leaving both hands free to wheel in your Portable Sound System or carry in your Aerobic Mats. Urban Fitness Mic Carry Bag... 'Protect Your Fitness Microphone'!

Key Features...
- A funky Carry Bag for a funky industry
- Shower resistant outer material and wipeable design
- Protects against moisture, dust, scratches and general wear and tear
- Breathable netted internal pockets allowing air to circulate and dry/cool your Fitness Headset after use
- Adjustable strap for comfortable fit
- Trendy design with colourful rubber zippers
- No more boring plastic briefcase designs that simply don't suit the Fitness and Leisure environment
- Allows the user to wear the Bag on their back, ensuring hands are free to carry other items...
(we know how annoying it is trying to open doors with a Microphone System in one hand and a Sound System in the other!)

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