10A UK to IEC Mains Power Lead 1.5m

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 13A UK plug to 3-pole IEC socket cable

● 1.5m Long and Fused at 10A
● Perfect for White Magics, Block Rockers, Tailgaters, Mini Magics and many other Sound Systems, Amps, Mixers etc... Overview...
A 13A UK plug to 3-pole IEC socket cable. Manufactured for connecting the following Systems to a UK Mains Socket for powering or charging the equipment...
White Magic iPA System, Block Rocker iPA System, Tailgaters, Mini Magics, Fitness 100 Systems etc... Fused at 10A and VDE approved

Tech Spec...
- A 13A UK plug to 3-pole IEC socket cable
- Also available in 2.0m, 3.5m, 5m and 10m lengths (See Cables Category for other lengths)
- Fused at 10A (See Cables Category to choice different Amp Fuse)
- VDE approved

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